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Since 1997, Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) has been making people's lives easier and more beautiful by developing, manufacturing and distributing protective coatings, application machinery, and restoration products for architectural buildings, Automotive windscreens, Hospitality & Home surfaces such as glass, granite, tile, porcelain and quartz.

DFI's coatings significantly reduce maintenance costs, are impact, scratch and graffiti resistant, and can keep surfaces looking and performing like-new forever. DFI's product offering ranges from award-winning, patented, professional-quality products available through authorised applicators and distributors to easy-to-use highly-effective, do-it-yourself products for consumers. Headquartered in Southern California, DFI holds patents and patents-pending worldwide and has a global sales and distribution network spanning North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.

The EasyClean Group was appointed as the exclusive importer and distributor of Diamon-Fusion International (DFI) products and solutions for South Africa, with a broad distribution network that extends to the entire Southern Africa region.

The Diamon-Fusion® Protective Coating – a patented 2-step hydrophobic protective coating that utilises chemical nanotechnology to create a covalent bond with silica-based surfaces such as glass, ceramic tile, porcelain, granite and quartz. The protected surface becomes highly water- and oil-repellent, easier to clean, impact, scratch and graffiti resistant, more brilliant and a host of other benefits.

Diamon-Fusion Warranty

Diamon-Fusion® treated surfaces are guaranteed to remain more water repellent than untreated glass for the lifetime of the glass as long as basic manufacturer maintenance recommendations are followed and no harsh or abrasive cleaners are used. DFl's patented nanocoating chemically bonds to the glass and creates a patented, protective nanofilm that when properly applied by an authorized partner, is guaranteed not to discolor, chip, crack, haze or peel for the lifetime of the glass.

Diamon-Fusion products include:

  • Diamon-FusionDiamon-Fusion
  • Diamon-Fusion UltraDiamon-Fusion Ultra
  • Clear-Fusion PROClear-Fusion PRO
  • Diamon-Fusion® Clear-Fusion™ VDiamon-Fusion® Clear-Fusion™ V
  • Glass RescueGlass Rescue
  • Restoration PowderRestoration Powder
  • RevitalizerRevitalizer
  • Clear-Fusion Maintenance KitClear-Fusion Maintenance Kit
  • Express Care KitExpress Care Kit
  • Clear-Fusion™ V DIYClear-Fusion™ V DIY
  • Wood Laminate Defender™Wood Laminate Defender™
  • Stainless Steel Defender™Stainless Steel Defender™
  • Windshield Defender™Windshield Defender
  • Aluminium Defender™Product Name
  • Plastic Defender™Plastic Defender™

For restoring and protecting surfaces such as:

With application in:

  • Home and Hospitality: Diamon-fusion® present hygiene solutions that can assist you in upgrading your image and increase efficiency in public washrooms, showers, guest rooms, kitchens, health-, and fitness rooms, conference- and reception areas.
  • Automotive and Transportation: Once Diamon-fusion® automotive windshield is applied, the glass becomes smoother, resulting in a clearer, cleaner, and safer windshield.
  • Buildings and Architectural Glass where Diamon-Fusion® makes glass surfaces resistant to impact and scratching, and reduces the need for regular cleaning. Diamon-Fusion® protects buildings to maintain their original beauty for longer.
  • Commercial environments, including Solar Energy (cleaning and protecting solar panels), Granite, Ceramic Surfaces, Porcelain and Marine Glass
  • Consumer DIY: the coating makes maintenance easier by preventing mineral deposits and soap scum build-up, thus requiring less frequent cleaning of surfaces such as shower doors, countertops, sinks, toilets, mirrors, windows, and tiled walls. Vehicles, where the application of Windshield Defender to the windshield of your car, SUV, 4X4, boat or airplane will make driving or piloting it safer.

For more information about Diamon-Fusion, EasyClean Group and the products and services available in Southern Africa, please visit the EasyClean Group website.

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